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NEC 6200 6PG Xtra Questions Curt I believe



I purchased a NEC 6200 XTRA from Hammer Head Tech, unit that has only 2000 hours on the tubes, but I believe the Green Tube has burn. The reason I figure this is when I turn off red and blue I see pure Green on the edges but there is a darker square in the middle is this a correct assumption.I could not find a working link to CRT Burn in the forums


I would like to get my hands on new or rebuilt Tubes. What are the Pro's and Cons of Rebuilt? I can't seem to find them anyway I believe Hammer Head has rebuilds. Are these the correct part numbers for the NEC tubes for this unit?

Green Tube Number * 952E1641
Red Tube Number 952E1631
Blue Tube Number 952E1651


I read an article saying that 7" CRT are not going to give a great picture at 100". Now this unit is stock from factory at 100". The reason for this statement was there will not be enough Lumen per foot to give a good picture. I believe the lumen is 1000 for this unit is that true or BS? I have though about making the picture 120 or 140 because I have the room, do you recommend this.


This unit has VGA (BNC), Cox and S-Video inputs. Currently Iamb using the S-Video what is the best connection? I have Component on my AV stuff but Iamb not sure what to do. I also have may PC's should I joust use one of them to feed the signal via VGA cable?


On board fans are really loud well i think one is going bad has a light ocsolating sound. Can I replace them with a Pabst fan that's quite if it does the same or more CFM?

Next.. (sorry)

What should I get a Line doubler, quader? I've search the forums and I find mostly dead links on burn and I don't understand the line doublers etc yet.

Lastly then I'll shut up.

I have the RC-6051 remote full function, what would I need the user remote for? What does it do, other then just turn on the machine? Is there anything special about it?

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Hey Don,

Best to post this in AVsforum in usa. Curt lives on that side of the pond.

However to answer your questions. Yes it sounds like burn.

You can go bigger than 100" but you will sacrifice image quality. Id stick with 84" wide or less. Your NEC is a 7" unit but it's a super high quality 7" unit. Using the svideo input is not doing it any favours. Try to get hold of a decent scaler and start running it at nearer 720P. You'll be astounded at the difference in quality you'll see.



Didn't realize I was posting in a different form I too am in the USA. I hooked the thing up to my laptop via VGA and OMFG your right even with out a scaler I set the size to 150 diag and there is no grain etc even on white paint. Only one problem I had the thing perfect on S-Video only took about 30 minutes to get everything lined up, however when I switched to a different input ouch the congergance ever thing is all jacked, keystone etc.. but it really does look like the way to go the picture is so much clearer now.

Where do I set the post in usa area?


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You want www.avsforum.com .... but I frequent this forum quite often even though I'm from the US as well. By the way, I bought my CRT from Hammerheadtechnology as well. A Runco 940 or re-badged Barco 708.

Scott McDonald

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