Nec 42xm2/s


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Has anyone got experience/views on the above screen.


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There's a lot more info over on the US It appears to be a very good screen going by the comments posted there, and it's available in the UK for just over £3000. Hope this helps.



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I too am waiting to hear some views on this screen. If you search back a coupla weeks there was a thread that pointed to the American where a chap was close to orgasm in his praise of this new plasma.

Anyone seen one yet, maybe even got one? I was very close to deciding on the Panny 6 but I find the blacks TOO black and u seem to lose quite a bit of info. Was thinking maybe this was the plasma for me, but of course I'd love to hear from anyone who's seen it in action?



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That post on avsforum is really long!

I have seen the previous model in action and the pic was really good. Detail was spot on (Playing LOTR)

The contrast ratio of the new screen is 650:1 and brightness is 580. Pretty low figures.

There customer service and warranty is really good.

NEC Technical Helpline:
02087 523 535

NEC Pre-Sales Helpline:
01952 237 004

I hope this helps.


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Would the low contrast ratio make a difference with the image quality, ie when compared to Panasonic?

Screen use:

Sky + 60%
DVD 40 %

I will be sitting about 2.7m away from the screen.

Will you see more pixel structure on a XGA plasmas?, ie when compare to std SD and Alis screens.


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Hello again,

According to Ivojo, the 42XM2 has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 , not 650:1.

I watch my 433MXE from about the same distance as you are intending, and I don't notice pixel structure - why would it be more noticeable than on a 480 res screen where the pixels are larger? Hope this helps.



Just bumping this thread as I am also interested....
They are on sale @ various UK shops.(or at least on their websites). Anyone seen one yet?


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I've seen the previous model at Cymboisis and pic qas stunning.

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