Nebula TV card - which graphics card?



Is anyone using this Nebula DigiTV card? With an ATI graphics card?

When watching TV and there is a slow pan does the picture not pan smoothly and jerk ever so slightly?

I am using a Geforce 6600GT and when panning the picture is not smooth.

I am trying to figure out if it is the graphics card.

Apart from this the picture quality is superb.


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What refresh rate are you running the graphics card?
For smooth pans with PAL video it should be a multiple of 25Hz
i.e. 50Hz, 75Hz or 100Hz.
If not then the software has to do a frame rate conversion and you will notice jerkiness.

I've experience similar with DVD playback and the ultimate solution is to use a program called ReClock but I am unsure if that works with live TV. I am sure someone else will give you a definitive answer on that.

ReClock Home Page

There is a readme.rtf file that comes with the 1.4 Version that explains the problem and solution it's worth a read.

Hope that helps


I am running it at 60hz, but only because my Sharp TV LC26GA4E I think is locked to 60 hz.

I don't think I can get it to display 75hz or 50hz. I have tried but failed.

Unless someone can advise otherwise?

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