Nebula mpeg playback problem


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I have a Nebula DigiTV PCI card and the latest software (3.12.8).

The software can either store recordings in MPEG format directly or you can convert them to MPEG from the tools menu.

After using either method, I am unable to playback the MPEG files produced within any other software player such as Media Player or editor such as Adobe Premier. I've tried playback on a number of PCs. The playback just freezes after a couple of frames.

Has anybody else experienced this?



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Depending on the channel you might have fallen victim to a badly formatted non-standard transport stream , Channel 5 and ITV have been known to mess this up in the past.

I can always record a 10 second clip verifies it plays and send it to you.


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Actually looks like there is something up . recent recordings I have are all stuttering. Older recordings play fine from the same version of digiTV...take a guess and say the broadcasters have been mucking about.


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My experience is only recent, I've noticed the stuttering and freezing in TheaterTek2, but recordings play fine in windvd3 and x-card players.

Perhaps it's an issue with the latest Nebula software patch?



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Thanks Guys

It seems that it isn't just me then! I've contacted Nebula support. If and when I get a response I'll post it here. Meantime I'll try recordings from different channels to see if the signal encoding has any effect.


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Try "processing" the file with ProjectX - this normally does the trick for me. Much better than the DVD convertor included in the DigiTV software.

I suggest you look on Doom9 for latest release.


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