Nebula DigiTV WM_COMMAND and Girder problems


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I’m trying to configure Girder v3.2.9 with the WM_COMMANDS as listed on the Nebula website but I’m having the following problems:-

Pressing the up/down keys in any menu overlay causes DigiTV to crash.
Pressing the record button in the EPG overlay starts to record the current program, not the selected timer program.
Left/Right cursor in the Select Timer for overlay incorrectly moves the cursor on the EPG overlay. Enter/Select/OK has no effect on this overlay.
Pressing the Exit key on the remote in the EPG overlay should move the focus to the top menu selection. This WM_COMMAND appears to be missing as is the Main Menu command as far as I can see.

Has anybody else come across these issues before I email Nebula support about them?


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I started playing with this the other day as its something I really want to acheive so if you do manage to get any information or even a working gml,;) it would great if you would share it here.


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I've attached the gml I've done so far. It includes select channel by LCN, but I haven't tested it yet.



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I'm currently at work, but will try to post up my GML later when i get home.

If you wish to set a timer in the "at a glance" menu screens, you need to assign a command to a right mouse click (i think) and this will bring up the box asking you if you wish to record, then you can use the key you've assigned to select to press yes :)

I also have discrete channel selection using the WM_COmmand function which works really well.

Having said all of this, i'm getting a gyration suite this week, because it's still 10 times easier to just use the mouse!


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Cheers for that, I've just downloaded it so I'll jave a play. Let me know how you get on with Nebula.


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I've also found the following bugs:-

Enter/OK (278) doesn't work at all on any overlay.
Rewind (151) doesn't work in playback.
Pressing either the left or right cursor (253/254) during playback to jump back or forward causes DigiTV to crash.

I've just emailed Nebula so I should get a response by Thursday.


I started to program a Girder config file for DigiTV and came across the problem that there's no apparent way to activate and maximise DigiTV once it's in the system tray.

If you call the executable again then it detects it's already running and fires up full screen, but this has the unfortunate side effect of terminating any recordings in progress. I emailed Nebula and they said they'd pass on the request to include a WM_COMMAND for "Activate" to the developers for consideration in a future release.

In the meantime I've managed to get Girder to issue an HTTP request that "presses" the Activate button on the DigiTV web interface. If anybody wants this hack I'll happily pass it on.
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