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I'm confused....

If I built a HCPC with a nebula digi card can I use dscaler to output a progressive signal to my Pioneer 434 plasma? Does the input to the screen connect to the nebula card or a graphics card (via DVI)? Finally am I going to have significant increase in picture quality? Which areas?



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Rollin, you can only us dscaler against an external source, but that's OK with the nebula card, because it has de-interlacing built into the software.

You will get much better picture quality using a digital TV card than an analogue tuner, you can see some comparative pictures here,
and with the res that the pioneer supports, you should be well away. The screen plugs into your graphics card; for the best DVD playback, you want to get an ATI radeon based card.


Thanks for the reply. I have a Nokia 221T outputting RGB via scart. Would you say that a PCI digital TV card in a PC produces a better picture than this STB ?
Don't get me wrong, the PQ is good as it is, but watching DVDs via HDMI from my DVD player spoils you a little :) Maybe we just have to wait (and wait and wait) for HDTV broadcasts :)


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I've got the nebulaTV card and the Nokia 221T and i'd say that until the nebula can utilize some hardware assisted decoding then the Nokia still wins due to the stutter on video found with the Nebula.

I dont know if its a CPU horsepower problem but i get terrible picture quality via VGA into a Panny 42 5 series.

I'll stick with my S-Video out (via JS RGB-S-Video Converter) from the Nokia 221T into the Panny for now.



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I take the opposite view to Jackass, with the recent improvements in de-interlacing in the nebula card, and with enough CPU power behind it, I find the better PQ more than outweighs any remaining stutter - I recently upgraded to a mobo with dual channel memory and a Athlon Barton 2500 CPU; it made a dramatic difference and now pans and scrolls are almost as smooth as on DVD.

I suspect it is partly to do with how big your screen is though, it is difficult to tell the difference in still quality on the 15" LCD display I use for personal viewing, but the difference is dramatic on the FP (to an 8' diagonal screen).

If you look at my web site the piccies from BBC news 24 show the difference between STB output and a digital TV card. Note that the STB output was being grabbed by a radeon AIW using s-video, converted from RGB scart, but there was very little difference between s-video direct to projector and s-video grabbed by PC and displayed using a VGA conenctor.

While the digital TV pictures here were captured from a Nova-T card, the still picture quality of the Nova-T is pretty much identical to the Nebula digitv quality, its just when movement starts that the nebula blows the socks off the Nova-T card.

DVD is still going to be much better than digital TV, there's just so much more bandwidth used, This page shows screenshots from channel 4 broadcast of 5th element and the DVD


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I've got a nebula and a nokia gondigital box feeding RGB into a sweetspot capture card handing off to Dscaler. This is on a panny 37PW5 and an ae100 being fed 856x480 at 60Hz.

Nebula: Sharper , zero noise , correct aspect ratio auto selection,
Very slight judder on video based material , films are fine. The bob deinterlace is quite good for its type but suffers from the usual artifacts on horizontal detail. Comes with a remote that actually works.

Dscaler ( bear in mind this is probably as good as it will look barring and sdi input) . Picture is slightly smoother with video material than nebula . Its also softer than the nebula and has slightly less intensity detail.
Deinterlacing is better than the nebula but only on video based material ( on film there is little or no difference). It has little if any discernable noise on the sweetspot . Colour is slightly less detailed than the nebula.

Both have better video deinterlacing than Theatertek for example.

Normally my preference is for the Nebula. If I am recording with the nebula and want to watch another channel or play a console then its Dscaler. If I watch a video based dvd ( like a concert ) then I use Dscaler and my standalone player ( panasonic A350 ... nearly 7 years old).

The nebula does have a setting for minimising judder ( it basically introduces pulldown to generate extra frames ... I'm sure Dscaler judder terminator is a similar system .

Both are excellent bits of kit I'd be loathe to go back to a cheaper capture card for Dscaler though so you might want to figure that into the mix)

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