Nebula DigiTV card over a network


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Im not sure if this is a totally stupid question but i have to give it a go:eek:

Is it possible to have the Nebula DigiTV card fitted in one PC then be able to view the programs over a network on another pc.

Maybe stupid maybe not, There's loads of things i thought that couldn't be done on a pc but to my surprise it could, so had to ask:blush:



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Is it easy to do, do you just link to it on the network.:rotfl:


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It's easy to do ! :smoke:
But I found you need a fast network - my 10mbs network isn't quite enough, for high bit-rate material, at least.

You just install the software (downloadable) on both machines, and configure one to be the server (the one with the TV card, obviously!) and the other to be the client. You need to enter the IP address of the server machine via the settings screen.


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hey cool

Sounds good to me, i even think i could do that :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks cwick, Mike TV


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What happens about the remote control? Does the reciever plug into the client machine or the server?




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The remote has to plug into the DigiTV card so the remote has to be used with the server, however you can get a 3rd party remote (such as the ATI remote wonder, works great btw) which you can use to control the client machine.

Another interesting feature of the DigiTV software is that it can multicast the current transport stream to all machine on your local network, meaning that all machines on your network can watch TV without additional network bandwidth for each machine. Also as it is the transport stream thats multicast each machine can watch a different channel as long as the channels are all in the same transport stream.

Really wish I still had a DigiTV card :(



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Just downloaded the beta 3 of the 3.11 software last night, the web interface is just class, and it seems to have fixed the intermittent network streaming problems i was having.

DigiTV was probably the best upgrade i ever bought.

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