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Reviewed by Ed Selley, 2nd September 2013. I’ve had access to a great many speakers in the time that the IOTA’s have been here but I have often chosen to listen to them in preference to larger and superficially more capable speakers because they are a genuine pleasure to listen to with a capability far beyond their relatively small size. This is a demonstration that careful attention to the basics can result in a small speaker with a huge capability to entertain.
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Ed - did you ever get round to listening to five of them in your AV system. I'm having dirty thoughts about doing exactly that - replacing my Kef Eggs (3005's) with 5 of these - off the end of an Anthem MRX300. I assume that'll have enough juice to run them as it's a pretty meaty thing that never struggled with my M&K's previously!

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Hi Ed,

I am currently chilling out with my system fronted confidentiality by a pair of Arcam Muso speakers and wondered looking at this rather impressive review the iota's have has anyone else encountered the two in a head to head of sorts? I'd love to hear any feedback from you or any forum members as a comparison of the Muso vs the Iota's

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