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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by tij303, Jan 6, 2005.

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    Spent all evening assembling flat pack walnut av sideboards, moving crt tv bla bla bla in prep for my pw6 arriving tomorrow from av sales. Also the amp arrived today with the thickest manual I have ever seen (yam 750). I have a couple of minor queries someone may be able to help with ( I have friends coming round at 8 p.m tomorrow, finsih work at 4 ish and have to get the plasma and wall bracket up yet ... :rolleyes: ).
    Firstly to save cables running up the wall from sky + I ordered a high quality s video cable to run from the amp and out via component to the plasma. Having read some threads tonight it seems that I would be better using a rgb to comp cable to the amp/plasma (ive only to comp ins on it) or just feeding it straight into the plasma (which would mean more wires up the wall than I want). I know s video isnt great but I also got the impression running from sky + it was decent. I know that the conversion to component wont enhance anything but is it far worse than scart?
    Secondly - and honestly I have read the threads - but is there anything I absolutely shouldnt do re the panny pw6 screen first off ? I dont know how literally to take the 200 hour run in period or if the supplied literature gives any firm direction. Plan to watch LOTR 3 with popcorn and all the trimmings but dont want to knack it on the first viewing... is there anything that I really shouldnt do ?:nono:
    Finally has anyone managed to fit a pw6 with the av asales slimline tilt wall bracket just using plaster based plugs ? or is it into the brick every time to be safe ?
    Any advice appreciated - including should I post a pic of the final set up on the forum seeing as it has pretty much been designed by the members !! :thumbsup:

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