nearly had sky+ installed today


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first of all ..hi to everyone, while i was at work today, a sky subtractor came to fit sky+ and multiroom.. but told missus he couldn`t install it today because where the sky cable comes in through the kitchen and through a hole in to the living room there wasn`t enough space to put his other cable and it`s down to me to drill another hole, second problem.. where i`am having multiroom in the bedroom he`s not allowed to drill a hole because i`ve got slate tiles covering the outside where the cable needs to pass through, he`s coming back sunday morning assuming i`ve done the work, is there any special care or tips i need to know about before drilling through the slate tile, he also said i`m allowed 10 metres of phone line cable then its charged at 50 pence a metre.. is all this normal practice? regards jondy1


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no idea bout drilling thru the slate tiles, only that u wanna use a very hi speed drill to hopefully not crack them....

on the phone cable, they do charge if over a certain amount, just go to sky website and read the terms and conditions there, it will tell you exact details...

tbh, if you only pay 50p per metre over the allowed amount i wouldnt worry, if its only a few metres i doubt he will bother asking for it.....if however it 10m over then he might bill pay him for it, not Sky....

or you can pop to the shops get an extension cord, tack it to the wall yourself and leave the socket near the sky box, you wont have to pay him anything then :)


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Stick some thick tape over the area of slate you're drilling through.

Don't drill from the inside out.

Slate is very brittle so I wouldn't be too suprised if it did crack/break.

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