Near Dark: received in poor condition.


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Hi All,

Did any of you have a problem with the condition of this title's discs when you inspected them?

I enclose a copy of the e-mail that I've just sent to CD-WOW about my problem with this title. Have any of you had cause to deal with CD-WOW's Customer Service team? What are they like? If they are up to the standard of their regular service I should'nt have any problems.

Subject: Re: DVD Region 1 - Near Dark: Anchor Bay Edition (2 Discs: DTS,THX)

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thanks for your usual prompt and efficient service.

I received this disc, along with the four other orders that I placed at the same time, without problem and in your usual very quick 3 day lead time.

Upon opening this disc however, it became apparent that all was not well!

I'm not suggesting for one minute that this disc is anything other than "brand new" BUT, after I removed the cellophane wrap & removed the 1st disc to inspect it, I discovered that much to my surprise, unlike the pristine condition that discs normally arrive in, this disc was covered in very heavy finger prints! ( And I mean COVERED! ) This must have occurred at the point of manufacture & indicates a far from "automated" production line at the pressing facility used to replicate this title!

This in itself was not a major problem and I cleaned the disc, but it did concern me. Upon inspecting disc 2 however my concern turned to dismay as I found that, while not covered in finger prints like the 1st disc, it too was not in pristine condition. This time the disc has a small but very heavy scratch in it's surface which is impossible to remove. I admit that I haven't tried the disc to see if it effects playback quality but as far as I'm concerned this is irrelevant. I would very much appreciate a replacement for this title as I do not consider it to have been received in a "saleable condition."

If you are prepared to resolve this matter in this way, would you please advise me of the manner in which you would like the original returned to you?

( i.e: Return Address, Packaging manner, Enclosed information etc )

Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention.

Best Regards,

Steve T

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I got this through a couple of weeks back from CD-Wow with no problems at all.

I've never had any cause to use their Customer services but from other members experiences, I don't think you'll have a problem getting the issue resolved.


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Hi All,

CD-WOW.......Customer Service WOW!

After my recent extreme disatisfaction with Deep Discount, how refreshing it is to receive Customer Service of this calibre! I wasn't even expecting a reply today, let alone such a positive and helpful one!....Full marks to them!

Have a read of this:

Thank you for your recent order, and very sorry to hear you have received your order in a not pristine condition - I can appreciate how disappointing this must be.

I will ensure that a replacement is dispatched to you immediately, and that a FREEPOST envelope is sent, first-class post, today - to enable you to return the faulty disc to us.

We would appreciate it if you enclose a note with the returned item, clearly stating the order number (if possible), your name and email address, and a very brief description of what is wrong with it.

I am grateful for your understanding and cooperation and I sincerely hope that this genuinely rare occurrence will not deter you from using our service again in the future.

If you have any further enquiries then please do not hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

Best Regards,


i bought that last week hadn't even looked at it yet

but it was fine perfect condition

i did think i was going to break the disk trying to get it out of the ridiculously tight holder

CD WOW are usually excellent with regards custome services

they are based in UK though so that does say a lot


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Just opened the cellophane on my copy [delivered a couple of weeks ago] and it's, to my relief, as mint as can be.

Great customer service again from CD-Wow. They are one of the best DD/CD retailers about.


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