Navman iCN-320 £99.99


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The Navman iCN-320 is available at ebuyer. It says 222 in stock but they have sold out everywhere else and the next cheapest is at Car Phone Warehouse for £159.99 so it probably won't last long.


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They're also for sale at £99 elsewhere on google search. Bought one anyway cos it does seem a good deal :)


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I travel to different sites around the country, is it possible to preload all these sites onto the memory card.


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They have now run out of stock but I am selling one in the traders forum for the same price if anybody is interested.


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does it have POI capability?
No as i have found out but the £129 PiN570 does and if you buy it from "goAudio" i think its preinstalled with speed camera POI........

YOu can get it from yoonoo who run and and price match amazon for £129.99 delivered with speedcameras included just use this link and add the details from amazon

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