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Navigating through menus... with the Kameleon

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Samuelkaye2, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Samuelkaye2


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    Has anyone found that when using their Kameleon 6 in 1 1st generation remote control that when trying to navigate through menus that the keypad (The 4directional arrows with ok in the middle) does not work? I received mine yesterday for use with my Hitachi 28ld5200 and have tried updates and all the codes but get no response in the menu. I can manage to control the power, volume, channels and even pull up the televisions menu however when I try to navigate through it I get no response. When not in the menu the keypad's left and right buttons will work to control the picture type i.e. Full, Panoramic, Zoom, 14:19 Zoom but the vertical ones remain of no use, any suggestions please?

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