Nautilus 805 Vs JMLab Micro Utopia

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Feb 3, 2002
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Heard the 805's and love them....cant find a 2nd hand or ex-dem set for love nor money...

Are the JMLab Micro Utopia's better than the Nautilus 805's ? - Havent heard the micro's myself and wondered if they are any better ?
I'm going to demo the Electra 936 next weekend. I'm told that one of JM Labs objectives was to beat B&W, from what i've read, they may well have done it. I've seen a couple of comments that the JM Lab speakers don't have the air of the B&Ws but on many other counts, they beat them. That tweater of theirs is supposed to be amazing.

You can pick them up 2nd hand for £1500-£2000, not exactly cheap, so just given the RRP they should beat the N805. The N805 sig that is.
I read that too, their tweeter is meant to be something special.

If I find a set of Micro's that I can demo, I think I'll deinately give them a listen to.

If I cant get the 805's then I will seriously consider the micro's...if they are better then the 805 sig's then 805 V Micro Utopia is not very fair competition for the poor b&w's even though they are great in their own right...

Anyone else with thoughts ?
I just had a listen to these . I suggest you get a demo if you can, RRP is £3k. Vocals/midrange were superb, if you like a front row seat. The bass was extended but somewhat uneven. That was probably down to the room though.

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