natural born killers dc...


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Any know the difference between the new and older vers of this? Has the quality been improved or is it just a re-release?


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What do you mean ?? The Directors cut hasnt been released before in the UK - If you mean differences between the normal and directors cut - there was about 3 mins of cuts (over 200 cuts so i've heard) - You can get the Directors cut from Australia for around £10 including P+P Thats where i got mine from months a go.
Got it slightly wrong only over 150 cuts :eek:
Details here


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ahh, didn't know it hadn't been released over here before, in that case is the new r2 vers any different to the older r4/r1 ?

thanks darren.


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I think the R4 version may have a few more extras, than the Warners UK release, and is in a proper Amaray case, but other than that, they're the same.

However, the uncensored Director's Cut HAS already been on UK! :eek: It was on FilmFour about 4 months ago!! Good thing is, that the film was the entire uncensored Director's Cut, in widescreen, and I didn't need to pay Warner's a penny! :D


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