Native YouTube app on LG CX seems to be causing the audio from my Samsung wireless soundbar & woofer to cut in and out


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Hey all, new here and have a strange situation/question:

So I have a Samsung HW-Q70T soundbar + subwoofer that is connected to an LG CX OLED via HDMI eARC. The soundbar is also connected to WiFi via 2.4 GHz; the Smart Things app says my soundbar is up to date with the latest firmware. Whenever I'm watching YouTube via the native LG CX app, the subwoofer will intermittently cut in and out. It's very noticeable and annoying. The thing is this only happens when watching YouTube. I tried seeing if it would happen while listening to music from my phone, or the TV's built-in apps, or other streaming apps, my PC, etc. It for sure only happens while watching YouTube. WTF could be causing this?! How could YouTube's app cause audio from a wireless subwoofer to cut in and out? This also seems to happen randomly. It would happen for a week or so, then a month would pass and it would stop, then suddenly it would happen again.

If it helps, the CX's sound out is HDMI Arc, Digital Sound Out is set to Pass Through, and eARC is enabled. If there are any settings I could change that wouldn't affect me being able to output Atmos that would be nice!

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