Native resolution, bypass picture adjustment?


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I've been considering buying either a HD TV or an LCD monitor to use with my PS3.

I only want (can afford!) a small screen and I intend to use it on my desktop so I'll be sitting close to it anyway and I don't even need built in tuner etc. and would also like to use it as a monitor for my Macbook as well.

Because of this I've been looking at this Monitor:

The spec seems good and probably most importantly it appears to be HDCP compliant via it's DVI input, something I didn't even know was possible!

What I'm wondering though is if I intend to use this at 1280x720 resolution with my PS3 what, if any, effect do the picture adjustment controls have on the image?

For example, assuming I can send a 1280x720 signal from my PS3, what would happen if the image was adjusted by using the horizontal and vertical 'stretch'?

How does this effect the 1:1 pixel mapping that I hope to achieve? would it even be an issue with a small screen like this?

Or will the PS3 just configure itself to the native resolution of the screen?

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