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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by DeadEye, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Bean registerd for a while but no posted.

    I have the Hitatchi 42PD5300 plasma - had it about 18-24 months now, (I was the first to get one at my local Hifi shop).

    It is a great screen and I was well advised I believe with the only criticism being that is doesn't display PC resolutions very well. ( although the screen res is 1024x1024 - it only likes 1024x768 res on the PCs graphics card, which is crap)

    However, I now have the oportunity to begin upgrading various bits to HD (including the screen). I was initially going to go for the recent 55" Hitatchi plasma until I realised that although it is bigger it has a lower res (1024 x 768) than my 42" (which is 1024x1024.)

    I started to then look the resolution of all plasma's and LCD's. The common problem surely is that most big screens run at 768 lines - which doesn't match any format???

    Then delighted to see that someone had released a native 1080 line LCD - heart sank as it was a sharp :thumbsdow and again because it was only 45" :thumbsdow .....

    Am I best to wait for others to produce 1080 native res?
    Are Sharp a better manufacturer than i give them credit for?

    Help :lease:
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    Maybe you have some old info; the Sharp you mention in other threads is on the market for about two years by now.
    There are several manufacturers that have released 1080 line LCD displays in 37" and 42" sizes, although it now seems like some have discontinued the 42" models.

    However, the use of a 1080 line LCD still does not mean a pixel-perfect PC picture. A 1080i or 1080p signal actually has 16 pixels of overscan area all around, and many TVs will crop a 16 pixel band and re-scale the image to fill the screen.
    This of course means trouble when you want to display a PC desktop. Make sure you check for problems like this when you want to use your screen as PC display!

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