Native 4k Console hardware 2016?


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Highly doubtful. It's just not necessary yet. Even a modern single GPU has trouble pushing 60fps at 4k without lowering settings so we're a while off yet.


You might be better off looking at a PC if that's what you want.


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It's a potential loss leader that one of the big two might take on eventually. Absolutely no point doing so until there's a massive rise in 4K tv sales. 2016 will be the year that everything shifts though.


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I'm playing 4K on my PC but even with a near £300 graphics card I can't run max settings and frame rate. I'm going to have to spend another £300 to crossfire another graphics card to use with my existing to get any chance. Whole PC cost way more than any console. There's no chance in any consoles for years yet as they don't have the power as they're built down to a budget.


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my prediction is we won't see widespread adoption of 4k gaming on consoles until sometime in 2018/19. The cost of the tech to run 4k just isn't low enough yet.

current consoles (i'm looking at you in particular xbone) can barely current titles 1080p at 60fps.

The next generation of consoles will concentrate on 1440p.


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Nvidia (and I believe AMD has a similar feature now) could implement their downsampling technology in to the next generation console that they have a manufacturing deal with. It's a very impressive technology even on my old GTX 670 downsampling 4K looks very sharp with little impact on performance!


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The best you can hope for is the ability to play 4K Blu-Ray's and perhaps some indie games.

The article linked in fact refers to 4K playback.

The current hardware in consoles is nowhere near powerful enough to run the latest games at 4K at playable frame rates. (Maybe some indie titles)

The chances either Sony or Microsoft will release a more powerful console (and cause such huge fragmentation) is very unlikely.

Also Sony (and Microsoft with the Xbox one) learnt their lesson that expensive hardware doesn't work. Sony hit trouble with the PS3 because of the price. It was only successful after many price drops (and some very good exclusive games).

Neither of them are going to go down the loss leader route either in the hope of making profit solely on games, accessories and online subscriptions.

If we're taking about the chances of a revised console with 4K video playback then yeah I could see that happening. Infact I'd say it's very likely we'll see a console revision this gen.


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Any news on 4k HDR console release dates?

If still distant, what is best current hardware to couple to a good spec 4k OLED

Found this: New 4K-Capable PS4 And Xbox One Consoles Coming This Year, Predicts Netflix

I have not read the article but would this not be meaning 4K 2160p HEVC movie playback support? As opposed to 4K games? Netflix wouldn't really care about games. But they do care about 4K movie playback and a lot of people use their consoles to playback Netflix on and it needs hardware support to playback 4K HEVC encoded movies as even with a quadcore CPU they would stutter.

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