National Panasonic NV- G500 Multi-system VCR


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Aug 13, 2003
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I have one of these I brought in 1990 - what's it worth ? Anyone want to make me an offer ?
Originally posted by RecordablDVDfan
I have one of these I brought in 1990 - what's it worth ? Anyone want to make me an offer ?

It's worth = what someone is prepared to pay for it.

Your best bet is to advertise it on ebay and let people bid for it. You can decide a minimum amount you're prepared to accept, which is a 'hidden' reserve price - unless it reaches this, you're not obliged to sell.

My advice is to list it for the maximum number of days (10), and start with a low price.
Hi this is more of an inquiry than a belated response.
I also have one of these VCRs, given to me recently by a nighbour who had mislaid both original user's manual and the remote. I can live without the remote (I think) if I could only get this machine to actually record a TV programme. Does any one have a user's manual or tell me where I can download one please. I tried National Panasonic in Japan and Europe but no luck so far...
In fact do I need the remote to be able to tune in the TV channels to the VCRs tuner, before recording could be done? This may seem terrible logical - if so is there a way round this predicament?
What an old thread you are looking at! I have the manual for this VCR (as well as the VCR which is worthless these days)

I can scan this in if you want for £10. I think you need the remote if not also the bar code scanner to set the timer PM me if you are interested

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