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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Kinmond, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Ok so heres my problem

    Ive had 2 xbox 360 consoles connected to my bT homehub for a while now wth no problems and everything working fine.

    1 360 console uses the 360 wireless adapte to connect to the router and the other 360 uses straight ethernet cable connection.

    Everything had been working fine up until today when i noticed that my nat had changed from open to strict. Obviously i wasnt happy about this so i decided 2 remove the wireless adapter from my other 360 console 2 see if that is what was causing the problem. It wasnt.

    My nat was still set as strict even without the other 360 console having the wireless adapter plugged into it.

    Now ive plugged the 360 wireless adapter back into my other 360 console set all the network settings 2 connect automatically to the router in the 360 dashboard settings and im getting "IP address failed" when i test my xbox live connection on the 360 console with the wireless adapter attached to it.

    This was working fine before apart from the nat issues and now i cant get the 360 with the wireless adapter to connect to my router at all?

    any advice?

    I have UPNP eabled as default but im not sure how to open the ports inthe router settings

    I need my 360 with the wireless adapter to be connected 2 xbox live

    If anyone can help?

    I also cant get the nat settings to display as open, as they are always set as strict
    any advice?

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