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NAT settings!!


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I have connected my xbox 360 to my pc's ethernet port and my internet connection through a wireless network card which in turn receives it from my router.When i run the xbox live test it says my NAT is moderate whilst connected this way.when i connect directly to the router or the modem my connection is open.i've put the 360's ip in the DMZ on my routers settings page.i've even tried forwarding the necessary ports(with the exception of port 88 which belkin use for the wireless web server).For tech specs. i'm using a belkin f5d7001 wireless network card and a belkin F5D7231-4 wireless router(latest firmware) my ethernet nic is an intel 82566dc gigabit.Sorry long post.I hope someone can help


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The problem you are having is routing. I don't know how much you know about IP but basically there are public and private IP ranges. Public addresses are the ones give out by the ISP. When you use a router, you have both a single public address and then a private address which any other devices on your home network talks to.

NAT is the function that converts your local Private IP address into the public assigned one, effectively so you can have multiple private IPs using a single public one.

Your PC is configures with a standard and wireless lan cards effectively it has two networks installed. Your xbox is connected to one of these networks and the wireless another. when your xbox tries to connect to xbox live, it effectively is trying to connect to a public ip address but has no route out onto the internet.

when two devices are on the same ip range for example and, there is no routing involved as there on the same IP range and physically on the same network. If tried to connect to any address that is not on it's own network, it uses a default 'gateway' to attempt a connection.

Now, your pc's gateway will be the routers private ip address, but without configuration, the xbox's connection has no gateway, so it will be unable to connect.

the way you should configure the pc is either manually setting the IPs ranges or if your using XP, internet connection sharing will do it for you.

as an example this is how it could work. i don't know your addresses so change them to whatever you use already.

Router -
PC Wireless -
PC LAN gateway -
Xbox LAN -
Xbox gateway -

try it then, good luck



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I CAN actually connect to xbox live through my pc's ethernet port,but my NAT settings are set at moderate connecting this way.


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Ok,cheers.I'll give it a whirl.


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Itried the solution on xboxlivetheguide.co.uk and it worked a treat! Cheers!

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