NAT Help - Driving me insane in PGR3 (pun intended)


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Hey my Nat is moderate as it shows in the test. And I have problems joining lobbies in PGR3. I am using a Netgear DG384GT and uPnP is enabled, and i have set up port forwarding. How can i get it to say open?


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Dont port forward. You either use port forwarding OR UPnP ,not both at the same time.

Also, make sure you've got the very latest firmware


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I have the exact same problem, which I never used to have when I lived in England. The only game I can't seem to join is PGR3 though for some reason, haven't even played it since I've been here as I only like that game played online for fun.


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My NAT sometimes shows as strict , and sometimes open.
Infact it shows as open when i use manual ip addy , and auto DNS settings.

I cant get my wireless router to work with xboxlive through LAN cable it doesnt complete tests , all tests succeed except xbox live test , and my wired router does work and passes all tests.


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Ok I've tried with port forwarding and uPnP, in every combonation one of one on, all on, all off, and all i get is with them all off moderate, and with one of them on strict!!!


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Have you made sure you've got the latest firmware. As that router works 100% with live.

If you have the latest firmware UPnP with nothing else should work fine. If you cant get it going that way. Turn off UPnP and put your Xbox in the routers DMZ (see my site for details on how to do it)

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