Nasty Sky+ bug


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Here's one that happened to me a couple of weeks ago:
  1. Regular set of programmes recorded, but not viewed; first in list is pilot episode of "Jack 2.0"
  2. Watching something on BBC THREE late a night, press Record to get entire programme (the first half being in the rewind buffer)
  3. When I look, the BBC THREE programme is top of the list of recorded programmes, even though by date it should be last
  4. Can watch BBC THREE programme from menu, I leave it there, and even though new recordings going on it still remains at the top of the menu; even after four more programmes recorded.
  5. Watch bits of it again, fast forward, rewind etc -- decided it's time to delete BBC THREE programme to free up some space.
  6. Select programme (it's still top of the list), press delete
  7. Sky+ deletes the second programme on list (unviewed "Jack 2.0" pilot episode), and then moves BBC THREE programme down to correct place in menu (by recording date/time).
  8. Sit there gobsmacked because such a nasty bug!
    How do I report this to Sky, the telephone 0870 is useless.

    Anyone else seen this one?



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How do I report this to Sky, the telephone 0870 is useless.

I don't think is just the telephone thats useless:D

DTS Rocks !

I'm getting SKY+ fitted Wednesday,hopefully i won't have same problem,but you bet if i do this forum will hear about it. :smashin:


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Would be interesting to know how many bugs Sky/Pace are aware of... I've had my Sky+ for just a few weeks now and overall I'm really pleased with it, but it has done some strange things..! Maybe someone should compile a list and make it a sticky..?


they know about the problems

your situation should never have arose. I think the Jake 2.0 recording must have failed.

whilst you are recording one channel you can watch, live rewind recording this (buffer and all) makes no difference to the other recording.

since the DR update I get around 2 failed recordings a month


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Could this be the problem BBC regions are having with the copyright protection flag?
We get a failed recording quite regulary on nieghbours at 17:35 usually on Mondays and Tuesdays!! although when recorded during the day there is no problem.

Best regards David

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