NASA release first 3D Images from Mars surface


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Following the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars on August 5th, NASA have released the first 3D images from the Red Planet’s surface.

Three anaglyph 3D images from the front and rear of the vehicle have been produced from a stereo pair of Hazard-Avoidance Cameras. In the first image, part of Aeolis Mons (also known as Mount Sharp), a peak that is about 3.4 miles high, is visible.

In another image, you can see part of the rim of Gale Crater, a 96 mile diameter indentation which stretches across the image.


The images were captured in full resolution shortly after the landing and have been ‘linearised’ to remove the distortion produced by the fisheye lens. To view the images, you will need a pair anaglyph glasses and then you can get yourselves over to the NASA website. To save you hunting around, the 3D pictures start at Number 14.

If that doesn't make you feel closer to the mission, NASA and Microsoft released "Mars Rover Landing", a free downloadable game on Xbox Live that uses Kinect to capture body motions, which lets user to simulate the "seven minutes of terror" landing sequence.

Now, where did we leave those anaglyph specs?

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