nas with denon avc11xva and xbox 360


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apologies for this as i am a novice in this network issue.
i currently can connect to the denon via my pc but this means having the laptop on all the time.
was considering buying a nas drive and connecting this into my router then the amp should be able to see this?
currently have all my cd's on external portable drive saved as both FLAC and AAC files.
the xbox can use the AAC files but will not see the FLAC files?

was looking for advice with regard to the best means of accessing these music files? ideally via FLAC as that is a better quality the AAC.

Still need to buy the NAS so advice on best one would be appreciated and is my best option to go for some sort of media streamer or player or just access it from my Denon AVC11XVA.
The denon works ok just now but the interface is a bit cluncky.



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Ideas on NAS - http://www.avforums.com/forums/streamers-network-music-players/1490910-nas-drive-do-you-use.html.

If you're looking for a music streamer to 'front end' the Denon, you have a choice of Sonos ZP90, Squeezbox Touch, Cambridge Audio NP30 plus various units from Marantz, Denon, NAD, etc. which have been discussed on the forum. The market is pretty much led by Sonos & Squeezbox.

I don't have an Xbox so can't comment on it as a streamer, however XBMC is often mentioned for Xbox.
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wireless not really an issue as i have the router and amp and xbox all wired connections.
just wondered if anyone had used a nas drive with the denon ? and if so can it play flac files or will it need to be aac format.


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Looking at the information on the Denon site for the XV to A upgrade:

- Audio streaming from networked PC's designed to the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Guidelines.
- Supported audio formats are MP3, WAV (LPCM), and WMA.

So although you could use any NAS with a DLNA server function you will not be able to stream FLAC or AAC.

If you are interested in streaming video as well as audio then a dedicated NAS such as Synology DS212J or Iomega ix2-200 Cloud edition along with a suitable Media Player (although your Xbox will handle AAC , MP3 and most video files already). The NAS should be set up with RAID 1 so you have redundancy in case of a disk failure.

If music is your most important thing then get a Sonos system.


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is there much difference between a Sonos and something more expensive like the Cyrus Stream XP?


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so far just played the aac files via the xbox which has a digital out connected to the amp and sounds pretty good.

so now i need to find out if the denon will play the aac or flac files from a nas drive before i go down that route.

don't really want to start paying for a sonus box or seperate player at the moment as limited funds only.

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