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Like a good few people on here i would like to rip my dvd/BR to my NAS drive (QNAP), to allow me to stream it from this to the tv's around the house.

Being new to whole process i am unsure if i have all the kit required to do this and the best way to achieve it.

The three TV's that i intend to start with to have streaming dvd content to them from the NAS is 2 Samsung smart tvs and a Loewe TV.

Could someone please advise me what is the best way of me to achieve this and secondly the quickest and best way to rip the media.

I have seen products like the Kaleidoscope disk vault that you just put in the DVD and it rips the content and goes online to track down the meta data for the disk - however i don't fancy paying 4k for the privilege! Can such a similiar setup be achieved with my PC and NAS for ripping and storing and what about the online meta data?

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Yes it is easy enough to do and you have a few options to pick

1) Rip to .ISO images (using AnyDVD-HD), this is a disc image so it's exactly like playing the disc, in order to get the menu support for DVD's and BD's you require a player that supports those like HDI Dune Smart player or Popcornhour A300/C300.

For jukeboxes Dune use a software called Zaapiti and the Popcornhours have a jukebox built in internally that scans the files names for you.

2) Rip to .MKV container (using MakeMKV) this is a lossless rip 1:1 copy of the video/audio stream to an MKV container this will work with a very large number of media players and is best for taking the main movie only leaving out any extras. Boxee Box is a good option for this as it has an internal jukebox that automatically scans the filename in the background then downloads the info for you, you can also go with DuneTV players using Zaapiti.

If planning on streaming to the Samsung TV's media player you will very likely have to compress using x264 the video stream of the Blu-ray's as Samsung's media player isn't up to the task and is also limited to DLNA access whereas all the above media player will just access the NAS shared folders directly. DVD's ripped via MakeMKV should work on the Samsung though.


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Good point. Kaleidescape is way too expensive.

I use a PC to rip DVDs and BluRays and though I don't have a NAS yet, I will be building a RAID array inside my PC when the drives come back down in cost and plan to stream to a box by the TV, rather like you.

I use the following software:

"My Movies" to catalogue my films and allow access from iPad and iPhone app. This can also control a streamer and act as the remote. very cool and the same as Zappiti.

DVD Shrink. This is useful for ripping DVDs and stripping out everything bar the movie.

AnyDVD HD. You need this whethever else you run, to crack the copy protection on the disc, after which you can then access the disc to rip it. Without this software, you may find your ripping software won't work properly. It strips out all sorts of rubbish from your discs. It also contains it's own Image Ripper if you want to copy a whole disc intact.

Make MKV - this is for "repackaging" a discs contents. No compression or change to the data, just taking it out of it's ISO disc format and popping the bits you want to keep into a "container" which is what an MKV file is, so you can keep, say, just the movie from a BluRay disc, but in uncompressed, full bitrate form.

I also found the Shark007 Codec pack a useful download and AnyDVD virtual Clone Drive, which is useful if struggling to playback ISOs on a PC. You need a virtual drive to "mount" an ISO image. Hope all that's useful!

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