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NAS streaming MP4 to PS3 - is it completely out of the question?

As title really. Just got myself a NAS (Thecus 2100) with the express purpose of storing all my video files on it for streaming to the PS3 without having my desktop on. WMP11 has done a sterling job over the last few months streaming a wide variety of mpg, avi, m2ts, vob, mp4 files to the PS3 and i'm hoping I can get the NAS to do the same.

Best media streaming program to do this appears to be TwonkyVision, but having loaded this up it appears to completely skip anything mp4 related. Changed the filenames to m4v - still nothing. On a little bit (but clearly not enough) of reading about it seems there's generally an issue with NAS bxoes streaming mp4s so is it true that there is no combination of NAS and media streaming software that will enable you to play mp4s on a PS3?

Any help much appreciated?


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Have you tried renaming them AVI?
Nope, can't say I have but happy to give it a try. Surely others have come across this problem before - is this how you solve it? Is it purely a naming problem that's the reason NAS media Servers won't stream an MP4 file?


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I've not used TwonkyVision but I've used the renaming trick on my old Archos. It would not index the files into the library if it wasn't sure what it was.

I use Tversity. You have to re-scan the media after you change anything for it to show on the PS3. I don't know if Twonkyvision is the same?

Good luck
Yup, rescanned the directories over and over - won't pick up anything MP4-ish no matter what.

I'll be content enough to know that it just isn't possible, but would like to know if there is a NAS/Media Server combination that *can* do it.


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The PS3 can only play a few file formats - DivX is one, but XviD isn't. Most of the files you download from t'interweb will be XviD and the PS3 won't be able to play them.
Never had any problem with Xvid, DivX, etc. PS3 will play most files no problem (apart from mkvs), and it's fine with MP4s when they're coded right. My issue is streaming them from a NAS with a media server on it as WMP11 did it fine on the PC.

In fact, i've managed to solve my problem and finally make TwonkyMedia Server stream MP4s now - as far as I can tell it's to do with the audio on the file.

Those that were created with GOTsent and have 2 channel AAC audio are fine as MP4 files and will stream with no changes necessary.

Those that were created using MKV2VOB and have 5 channel audio do have to be renamed as AVI files. Thanks for that GadgetCity.

So i'm a happy man now. As you were!


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Aha - well, spurred on by your post I tracked down the elusive TwonkyVision module for my Thecus N1200 NAS and I have to say, it blows the built-in Mediabolic server away. I can now play XviD files on my PS3 and - get this - items in a folder are in order! I can't believe I put up with the Mediabolic rubbish for so long.
Good innit? Works a treat for me now, streaming all files including some 10gig HD files through homeplugs with nothing but a 10 sec buffering period at the beginning of the playback. Marvellous piece of kit.

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