NAS server to replace my old Iomega ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player

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    Got really fed up with this device and it's getting old now. I also have a very old "Iomega Screenplay pro".
    What I liked about these devices was the direct link to my AV receiver so I could play straight to the TV with the supplied remote.
    I also liked the fact that as well as all the compressed video files I have (mkv's and mp4 files etc.) It would also play My DVD's that I had ripped as ISO files (So I retained all the menus which for some DVD'd like red dwarf (with the hidden extra's) was worth it.
    I also wouldn't mind ripping my blu-ray collection.
    I think when I last asked I was told to get a synology server and use some software like PLEX to stream from it? Would this be the best option?
    I have a samsung smart tv as well as a samsung blu-ray player which also has the same smart facilities. I currently use an old kodi box for playing some of my media files as my old director will not play the new video codecs.
    I did look at buying this:
    Or this:
    Synology DS218+ 2BAY 2.0 GHZ DC 1X GBE 2GB DDR3L 3X USB 3.0 1X ESATA

    Any help really appreciated.
    Thank you.


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