NAS Permissions / Multi PCs and Multi Users


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I was wondering if there is an easy (and logical) way of assigning network permissions for my home setup.

5 Users
3 PCs / Laptops - all running Windows 7 Home Premium and all connected to the same network.
1 NAS (QNAP TS419)

The 2 laptops connect wireless to the modem router.
The PC / Printer are wired to a Gig switch which in turn is connected to the modem router.

User accounts are set up on each on the PCs / laptops, all commonly named, for example:
Laptop 1 - laptop1name/user1name, laptop1name/user2name and so on.
Laptop 2 - laptop2name/user1name, laptop2name/user2name etc.....

I've set up folders on the NAS for each of the users, also named as per the username.

Is there a quick and easy solution to assign permissions or do I have to go to each user folder and set write permissions for that user from each PC / laptop they could access the NAS from.

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