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Hi , been away for a while.
In the past , many of you helped me with my first NAS.
I ended up with a QNAP TS-451 8GB with 4 x 6TB HDD.
Cant believe after using RAID , I have less than 3TB of space left !

One area that the members helped me out on was transfer of data over my powerline network , as my NAS is located next to my home entertainment hub , and there are a lot of CAT5 devices involved.
The speed issue was fixed by using a CAT5 switch which prioritised traffic - all good.

However , I would like to move the NAS to a new location.
As I dont want to repeat my earlier mistake , and slow my traffic down by using a sharing Powerline adaptor ( with 4 ports ) , I wondered if I can plug the NAS straight into my Broadband Router , and this then will use act as a hub to receive data via the phone line , and send data to the single powerline adaptor.

The data will then in turn be received at my home entertainment hub.

Does this make sense ?

All ideas welcome as always



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I THINK you will still need to leave a powerline adapter plugged into the router, use another port on the Broadband router & plug directly into the NAS.

You might find if you have DHCP set on the nas your internal ip address will change, so it might be an idea to use a fixed ip address on the nas.

But instead of asking, why don't you just try it? If the network speeds slow down, put the nas back.


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There's no problem plugging your NAS into a LAN port on your router - the LAN ports in a SOHO router are a built in ethernet switch. (There's a "block diagram" of the internals of a SOHO router attached to the "Using Two Routers Together" FAQ pinned in this forum.)

However, if you have a powerline link in the patchway between your NAS and you other stuff, e.g. NAS---RTR---HP---HP---Switch--- everything else, then you may get performance issues as all the data you push/pull from the NAS to the switch as its; attached devices is having to compete for the capacity of the HP---HP link.

The best solution would be to get the drill out and eliminated the homeplug link and replace with "proper" wired ethernet.

Your Wi-Fi devices might benefit as the pathway to them will be NAS---RTR~~~clients, but it's a value judgment as whether that's worthwhile if it's achieved at the expense of you wired stuff.

Incidentally, in the incumbent system, the ethernet switch hasn't "prioritised" the NAS traffic, it's just that the traffic simply hasn't had to travel via your Homplug link and your router. The magic of how ethernet switching works means most traffic takes the "least hops" pathway from source to sink - it's not required that "everything goes via the router." There are switches that can priorities one type of traffic over another, but for a lightly loaded SOHO network, it's not worth the expense and the effort of setting them up.

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