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Hi all,

My knowledge is very basic so please so please be kind!
So I currently have a WD My Cloud (about 6 yrs old) which I traditionally copy and paste pics/vids from mine and my wife's phones. Usually just plug our Samsung phones into my old laptop and drag and drop across.
Always used to have iTunes on the WD too, but tend to stream more now to my sonos system.
My laptop is close to dying so need a new solution.
Have tried the wd my cloud app on our phones but it never works - despite uninstalling, restarting, updating firmware etc. Have a Huawei work notebook but can't seem to get that connecting to enable me to drag and drop files either.
Basically I just need a NAS that will have all my stuff on so I can stream to TV, Sonos, phones/tablets and allows me to easily save photos/video on it once a month. If I could get one with a decent android phone app that meant I could cut out the middle man (laptop) that would be even better.

Do you guys have any advice as to a suitable NAS that would do these things or a way round my current predicament- really don't want to buy a new laptop as never use current one apart from this and only use work one for work (Microsoft office programs).

Any help appreciated.


I have a Synology 418j to do just that. I use Acronis True Image to back up my system, but have also used the free version of EaseUs to run my backups.


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Another for Synology. They have suitable apps you can use and did are available on some TVs and streaming client devices. You will also be able to backup your photos directly from your phone


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it depends on your storage requirements. The base level single and dual drive models are DS120J and DS220J, either would be fine, just add an appropriately sized drive(s). Both are way more capable than a WD My Cloud.


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I am going to buy the TS-253D 4G, this will ensure future proofing and stream anything you want including containers with no problem.
I have a TS-259 with a Quad core, but as its a 32Bit, plex has stopped supporting it, even though it works great. Will jjust sell it for people who need it for storage.

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