NAS for use with Roku and PC backup


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I'm looking to get a reasonably priced NAS to do a number fo things:
* Act as a central store and backup for all my data, photos, video and music
* To be used as a streamer to a Roku Soundbridge M1001
* Possibly for downloading Bittorrent when PC's are off (not essential)

Initially I'd be looking to put 1 or 2 Tb of storage in it. I've seen the IcyBox IB-NAS-4220 advertised for around £100, so with 2 X 1Tb HDD's, I could get a system for ca. £300."+SATA+HDD+?productId=30150

I'm wondering if anybody could help with some of the following questions:
* I use iTunes, Windows Media Player or Firefly to stream music to my Roku - are these easy enough to set up on a NAS?

* The Icybox seems to only use FAT32, ext2 and ext3 file formats. Up to now I've avoided Fat32 (due to file size limit) and use NTFS on my PC's and on my external (non-networked) HDD caddies. Will I have a problem if I move to ext2? (specifically will my XP based PC's be able to read the HDD's if I ever have to remove them from the NAS caddy?, or will I have to reformat and lose my data?)

* I would like to use a RAID system to duplicate my data across the two NAS HDD's. Do they have to be in ext2 or ext3 for this to happen?

* I also have an Apple Mac Mini that I'd like to add to my network and have it access the files on the NAS. Is this likely to be a problem?

* Would I be better off going for a NAS, like the Icybox, or spend a bit more and buy a low-end PC (without monitor etc) that is running XP (or even Vista) and install my large HDD's in there? Or should I go for some version of Windows Home Server instead?

I'm looking for something that is reasonably painless to set up, and once going is fairly reliable - and which can stream to my Roku and other PC's.

Many thanks for your help

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