NAS for Squeezebox - must have simple set up


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A 'Golden oldie' has successfully installed:

~ wireless router (D-Link 825);
~ Squeezebox Radio & Duet (fantastic to be able to wirelessly stream music so easily around the house!);
~ software to store pictures (scanned film + output from digital camera)

Looking to free-up space on my computer - a Dell T3400 - (and cut down on energy use) with a NAS.

Thanks to posts I have read on this site, I am alerted to: ~ a NAS 'RAID' feature is no 'silver bullet' for data security (I need to think of 'remote' backup as well);
~ preferable to pick the hard drive from the 'recommended' list for whichever NAS I choose, and that disk cache/speed unlikely to determine performance (as wireless network likely to be restricting factor).

My NAS must be (i) simple to set up (as I have no abilty or inclination to hack into operating systems); (ii) fast & reliable in operation; and (iii) be able to absorb extra demands over a few years.

The research I have done has led me to two brands
(a) NetGear ReadyNas - Duo; NV+; Ultra; Ultra+
(b) QNAP - TS 210; TS 212; TS219P+

Research suggests that the Duo / NV+ are a little underpowered, the Ultra(+) is expensive BUT the QNAP site does not seem to explicitly refer to Squeezebox when discussing the TS219P (whereas it does make specific reference for TS212.

I would appreciate any advice re:
  1. Does the TS219P+ meet my requirement for simple set up for squeezebox?
  2. The Ultra(+) seems expensive, are there benefits that I am missing?
  3. Any other advice also appreciated


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i use the ultra 4 my squeezebox, there a great nas with a good support forum behind it.
the duo and NV+ are a little underpower as you suggest.
check out the synology nas boxes too as there range are quite good


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Thanks very much for the input - what a great forum.

My take-away is that the higher end units from either NetGear or QNAP will likely serve my purpose.

At the moment I am probably leaning to NetGear (on basis they have most involvement with Squeezebox) - but perhaps it will come down to which nas has the best deal when I get to order.


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I am using a Synology DS110J from Aria, now £118.73 incl. delivery and VAT as there is a newer version, 111, recently out. Simple interface and installation of Squeezebox server. Many features. Just bought a Samsung Spinpoint 2TB to put in it at around £62.00. Under £175 total. I wouldn't think you need any great power for music and photos.
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