NAS drive for home media server?


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Hi All

I currently have all my music on my pc which is where I sync up my iphone and iPod etc. Whilst I did use it a lot for content creation in the past it's more or less redundant to me now, save.... downloading and syncing my podcasts.

My intentions are to basically get rid of the pc itself and take the hard drives containing all my media and put it into a standalone media hub where I can download and access music, video and sync my devices to/from. Having done some reading on this I currently think a way of doing this is by putting the drives into a NAS drive connected directly to the router. Presumably I can then use my laptop to grab my data from it wirelessly? Almost like using iCloud but the cloud is my my NAS drive? From this I also wish to wire it up to a home theatre system so I would need an amp (if i remember correctly perhaps a Denon one with wifi?) that would be able to possibly run active speakers on all channels. Ideally I want to be able to come home plug my phone into my mac let it sync to the NAS whilst I can also wirelessly control media playback from other devices streaming out of this 'hub'?.

Does this sound pretty reasonable?! What are the other options available?

I apologise if this isn't 100% clear as I'm typing on my phone :/

Thanks in advance!


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Try here:

Networking and NAS | AVForums.com - UK Online

There are lengthy threads on various NAS' devices inc. Proliant.

I suppose you could connect up something like the Proliant to an amp. They can be fitted with decent graphics cards etc. and basically run as a Home Cinema PC (HCPC). Otherwise, use a streaming solution e.g. Airport Express, Apple TV, Squeezebox (check NAS compatibility though), Sonos. Is this setup for music or will you be streaming video?

Re. the amp. Do you propose 5.1 or just stereo? Are you referring to the Denon CEOL systems? What active speakers are you referring to? Active speakers would obviously need pre-outs from any proposed AV Receiver or stereo amp.
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Thanks to mod for moving topic :)

OK, I think the Proliant might seem a bit overkill for my needs?

I was thinking something like:-

Synology 212
Router of some sort
Denon AVR 3312
Beolab 8000 for front (and rear when i have the cash!)
Beolab 7 (centre)
Beolab 11 (subwoofer)
Airport express to wifi them up?

Is there an alternative amp that you may recommend and does this seem feasible to have all this working in relation with each other wirelessly?


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I'm busy with the same thing. My setup (ordered not yet arived)

iphone 4s
Ipad(not ordered yet)
Denon Ceol Denon CEOL (RCD-N7) review from the experts at whathifi.com
Fitpc 3 Introduction to fit-PC3 – fit-PC
Apple tv
Synology Diskstation DS411j NAS

All having really low energy output. I can dump my desktop and desk.
Then if I really need a computer I can use the fitpc using iphone or ipad.

So you will only see a screen, and i control all with my iphone, although an ipad should be here also as a 'computer'

basicly, low power consumption, I can stream music, download, use a computer without having one in front of me, or anywhere from the world using my iphone, media player shows movies and thats it.
No éntertainment' stuff as a center of the room anymore and no desk! =)
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