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NAS - Disc Hibernate V Scheduled power on\off


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I've just installed a Synology small enterprise NAS and am wondering what is the best configuration is keep it running healthily for as long as possible?

The NAS is only going to be used for a short period of times each day. Maybe a window of 5 or so hours of light to moderate use. Outside of that time it will just be sitting there with nobody accessing it.

We have a blackout policy in place out of hours. All non-infrastructure equipment is usually completely powered down last thing, and then woken back up during normal hours. This saves on power, but also means that we have minimal heat and light out put (Low for individual units, but when you have lots of equipment you notice it).

Would it be best to leave the NAS switched on 24\7, but set the disc to sleep after a set period of time using the power saving function, or should I schedule it to power down last thing at night and power back up again first thing in the morning?

I am using the new Western Digital Red model of disc, and am uncertain whether leaving it on 24\7 will put more\less strain on the unit than power cycling it in the morning\evening.


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I have a Ready Nas Duo which I have set to power on/off at certain times of the day and never had any trouble with it at all.

I have it set up as follows

Mon - Fri 4pm till midnight
Sat 9am till midnight
Sun 10am till midnight

Been running it like that for a couple of years now.


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Set it to power down\wake up. My Synology has been doing that for two years. I also have the disks set to spin down after 10 mins of inactivity.

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