Narrowed down my choices, best prices and any comments? (long)


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Well to cut a long story short I've been waiting to get a new 24"/28" widescreen set for several months now. I've been putting it off and off, waiting for price reductions (yes I was born in Yorkshire, I rarely open my wallet :D ) or for a telly to stand out and jump up at me shouting "Pick Me!!", neither happened.
It would now appear my current set has just died, so now just which TV to choose.

I've narrowed down to these four sets.
Philips 24" pw6006c £300
Panasonic 24" 24DX1 £330
Philips 28" pw6006c £370
Panasonic 28" 28DK1 £400

Firstly has anyone seen better prices for any of these, inc delivery if online (although I do have a Barclaycard, do they pricematch inc delivery?)

Also anyone got any comments regarding any of the sets?
I initially ruled out 24" but then my mum bought the Philips, it looks big in her room which is at least twice the size of mine.
The picture is stunning on this set, a couple of quirks with them, the slanted top - no good for a centre speaker and a lack of auto-switching when I put the dvd player or digibox on, is this just set up wrong or is it a "feature"? (I've not had time to set it up properly for her)

I love the stand with the 28" philips, but 28" may be too big for my room.
I have always been a fan of the picture quality and build quality of Panasonics I've seen or we've owned. And they both have flat tops for a centre speaker.

Anyway, as you can see its really coming down to little silly things now as to which set I choose. I'm sure I'll be happy with either set pic quality and sound quality wise.
Which ever one I pick will be used for Analogue/Digital TV, DVD's, VHS and some computer use perhaps.

Will be connected to:
Tosh SD220 (MR)
Panasonic NV-FJ710
Pioneer ITV digital box.
Sound in movies is handled by a reciever.

Thanks for any comments/help.


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Can you not stretch to another £50 and go for the flat screen Panasonic 28" PL1 - £450 at Empire Direct ?


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I could do, but it'd be £470 including delivery, and I'm not sure I really want to spend that much.
Although I have just been to EmpireDirect and noticed they've now reduced they're prices a bit.
They're now:

Philips 24" pw6006c £290
Panasonic 24" 24DX1 £326
Philips 28" pw6006c £370
Panasonic 28" 28DK1 £382
Including delivery.

My TV wasn't dead after all, but I'm still going to replace it.
I'll try and get some more specs on the PL1, panasonics site has got rather useless since being redesigned, I will consider it tho, thanks.

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