Narrowed 1st drone choices- Please help me decide


I posted another thread asking for advice, but perhaps shouldn't have mentioned that I am a retired professional photographer. Without jumping through hoops I won't be able to make money with a drone for some time- if ever. If I were heading in that direction, perhaps the no-brainer would be just to buy the Mavic Mini Flymore kit at $550 with tax.

And so I looked at cheaper drones. I can see that obstacle avoidance doesn't come until you get into the Mavic Air category over $600. As I don't know squat about video editing, it would be nice to dip my toe in and get acquainted with that (currently learning audio editing/production... like drinking from a fire hose. And so I've narrowed the choices down to three, and while the Mavic Mini can always be a default, I'm trying to balance quality, features, price, coupled with absolute newbie status. So the other two are:

Eachine EX4 / JJRC X12 @ $250-$300 (with 2 batteries)
CSJ X7 @ $145 (or X8???) (with 1 battery), X8 $179-$209 with 2 batteries

Both of the above quads have "4k" cameras, which means that they'll shoot 1080p video. Flight time seems similar enough not to make a difference between the two. Both drones seem to fly fairly well and seem easy for a beginner. Similar Dronie features.

EX4 / JJRC X12 have a 3 axis gimbal and from the videos I've watched takes better photos and video than the CSJ. EX4/JJRC has a SD slot. The camera tilt is operated by a wheel, not buttons. Better? Range is about 1/2 mile on this (2900 ft/800 M).

CSJ X7/ X8 (also "The Beast, I think) only have camera dampening. Photo/video not as good as the EX4. No SD slots (but the X8 has a hole for one- explain that?).
the X7/X8 does have an LCD display on the controller which seems like a nice feature. Are there any real differences between X7/X8. Slightly shorter range than EX4.

Price difference between the two above models are between $60 and $100 depending on the model.

Then there is the Mavic Mini Flymore @ $550 and Mavic Air Refurbished Flymore at $650.

I considered beginning racing drone, but am confused about what kind of decent controller and drone I would need so I wouldn't have to buy my next one after 15 minutes?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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