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Hi all, Im looking at putting a HTPC system into a boat however Im getting a little stuck so thought I could ask your goodselves to possibly throw a few ideas about with myself. The key points of the system are funtionality and low power usage while serving a total of two areas with music/video feeds plus another two music feeds.

I am currently thinking of a main HTPC using possibly a silverstone c16 case linked up to a tv and surround sound in the main lounge and a further tv for music/media in the back cabin (possibly using an extender e.g WDLIVE) from off the main HTPC server in the main lounge. I would also quite like stero output jacks near the back hatch of the boat so that additional speakers could be plugged in so that they can be used while cruising, this could be independant of the back cabin music/media set up or could be part of it.

I would also like speakers in the bedroom (indpendant of the back cabin and main lounge) I would also again like stero jacks near the front hatch for additional speakers on the front deck.

The system needs to be cabable of 8TB storage and able to record HD freeview on multiple channels and idealy SKY from a dish (not that hopefull on that one!) Idealy all recorded programs can be recorded and viewed on both the main lounge and the back cabin. I am playing with the idea of having some sort of pad as a master remote too.

The system is due to go in to the boat soon, and running CAT5 etc is not a problem - I am also planning on using a Telecome DataRoute Voice with 3g aerial to provide always on 3g wifi/lan.

I am also playing with the idea of having CCTV on the front and back with a web login. Any ideas on the best setup and kit and how to combine the systems? Especially serving the audio to different speakers?


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Hi ritch_d

Depending on where your are based have a word with DJ Dulux/WiredLife. Although HTPC may not be his thing he has done a couple of different narrowboat systems in Warwickshire.

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