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hi when setting up my n.e.c. 6pg projector the internal test patterns are fine ,correct width etc , but when a picture is displayed the picture is the incorrect width its a bit narrow ?how do you change the width settings on inputs to the projector ? as i said the internal test cards are fine, just the external inputs , if you try to alter the width on the pj deflection board it takes it out of spec and shuts down , so it must be the inputs settings ? any help please graham

Boris Blank

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"Image Size" is what you are looking for I think, in one of the on-screen menus - this allows you to change the horizontal (and vertical) image size within the raster. That should fix it.

Sounds like your pj has been set up ok for the internal stuff but it still needs to be told that external source is to be projected at a particular size.
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