Narrow picture on XE1. Am I going mad.


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I have recently got an XE1 and think the picture is stunning on both HD and SD with my Sony 40W2000. However, and I may just be going mad here, but the picture seems narrower than on my old DVD player. There are 3" black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Were they always there or have I got the thing set up incorrectly!

Many thanks


Depends what fim you are watching. Some are made like that, like Gladiator, Harry Potter, Superman returns. In fact there are quite limited numbers of modern movies that fill your screen. If you've got the output set to 1080i, and the screen in normal aspect, everything is OK.


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Thanks. I was just about to reply to my own thread with trhe same answer. That really would have been a sign a madness, talking to oneself. :D

I just think because the picture is so damn good I want more of it.


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