What is the best substitut for napster software?

(Can i ask this here :eek: )


There really isn't a substitute to Napster RIP :(

For file sharing try WinMx


I use Kazaa and apart from the ads and constant virus problems I love it!!!:confused:


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Limewire seems to be popular at the moment
Morpheus used to be but it seems hard to find anything anymore


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Since Napster was pulled, my music spending has roughly quartered. I hate winmx, and I'm sick of Kazaa. At least napster was useable. Oh well, music industry's loss...

Mr Merrick

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I used Kazaa for a while, but found iMesh to be alot better . I've downloaded the first five episodes to 24 - Season two already and episode 6 airs in the US tomorrow.

Squirrel God

iMesh is Satan's spawn. It installs about 8 or 9 spyware and other redundant **** on your computer without you having any say in the matter. I presume you don't use a firewall because if you did you would definitely see what junk it puts in your startup keys in your registry and what strange virus-like files load up on startup (these files don't even have the decency to inform you of what they are or what they do - very suspicious indeed - who knows what information they're sending out from your PC). I ended up reformatting my hard disk to get rid of it all so that my PC would run smoothly again in the way I wanted it to (not in the way dictated to me by those [email protected] at iMesh). It installed so much crap, I just didn't trust AdAware to get rid of it all. Horrible, horrible, evil software. :(


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Seems like a good place to drop a note about AdAware:
This program will reveal how much devious spying **** is actually installed on your computer (believe me, chances are you'll get a shock...) and can get rid of it for you.


Soulseek! I highly recommend this. I've tried Kazaa, morpheus, audiogalaxy (back when it still worked), and winmx, but I definitely prefer Soulseek.

Orestes Mantra

The is the abosulte BEST p2p program out there. Its Kazaa without ads, spyware, popups.It owns.

Get it here


how good the p2p software is just depends on how many users there are. kazaa is by far the biggest userbase on the best p2p netwrok (fast track) and if you just download the kazaalite version its as good as anything out there software wise and has by far the biggest userbase.
avoid morpheus, imesh, and bearshare at all costs. bearshare and morpheus use the lacklustre gnutella network that uses a band of electronic sloths to transfer files between computers and imesh has more spyware than MI5


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I use Kazaa Lite and have had no problems with it.

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Tried just about all the P2P software out there. Had a nasty experience with imesh cos of all the spyware had to format my HDD:mad: Best one IMO isemule its an upgraded edonkey always v fast ,u name it its on there:)


I use a combination of kazaalite, blubster and winmx. If you can't find something on one of them, you're almost guaranteed to find it on the others.

I agree with SG et al - avoid imesh like the plague! I also had to format c: after installing it. Nightmare!


Yeah, Kazaa (lite) is my current fav. Only problem is idjits mislabelling 10-20% of the tracks. (every comedy track ever recorded is either by Monty Python or Adam Sandler :eek: )


That's nearly true, although I think Peter Sellers did a couple of comedy records too...:zonked:

Kazaalite is good, but there's a couple of other hacks required. You can search and find them quite easily.

One hack replaces a dubious file with a dud, that stops some spyware that's still present.

Another hack allows your search to show files with a higher resolution than 125kbps. There's a lot of stuff available at a higher sample rate, but Kazaalite in its normal state stops you seeing it...


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K++ is the best IMO. no spyware, all the hacks and it well.... works.

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