Nano90 subpixel dimming bug


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Last week I have received my new NAno90 (exact model 65NANO903NA) and I am extremely happy with it except for one rather serious bug:

On all colors where is there is a bright subpixel mixed with a darker one (for example orange) tlever other line and column are brighter/darker resulting in a nasty chess board pattern so the effective resolution on these colors drops to 1080p.

Here is a photo of the pixel layout:

And here is how it looks in reality:

LG seems to mix panels for their Nanocell + LCD lineup as the shape of the subpixels is different. I believe that the pixel layout shown above is for the ADS panels and only ADS panels show this problem

rtings noticed the same effect on their UN8500:

I have tried all different settings on the TV and I can also rule out the graphics card as it is also present in demo mode.

At first I thought it is a physical limitation of the panel, but I dont think this is the case because
.) Each subpixels are dimming fine individually when the other 2 are not used or are darker.
.) When I generate a picture with the same cross pattern and align it the right way I can eliminate the effect completely and still receive the same good colors (at least for orange, I did not try other colors).

Note: You need to sit close enough to the TV to see the effect depending on how good your eyes are.


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I have created a test pattern to test for this bug:
Subpixel dimming.png

Open the image with MS paint with 100% zoom and draw it across the screen at standard picture mode.

Without the bug:
.) One horizontal bar will contain solid orange
.) The other horizontal bar will show a mosquito net effect

With the dimming bug:
.) One horizontal bar with solid colors
.) The other bar flickering when being dragged across the screen changing from solid colors to very strong mosquito net effect.

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