nano86: black screen skipping forward on recorded program


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I use the "skip 15s" option (right arrow) a lot on recorded programs to get past the adverts, on both my LG TVs. It works perfectly for years on my older one but recently I added a disk to my nano 86 and about 1 time in 10, the screen goes black. Sound continues but no picture. Rarely the picture freezes instead of going black.

If I hit "back" to the recording screen and restart playing it continues just fine from the correct place so this is annoying but not a major problem.
Is it a known issue, is there anything I can do?
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Still having this problem. Both recordings and pausing live TV.

I just paused my TV for 30 min. Came back and tried to fast forward a minute or two. As I hit play the screen went black but audio continued.
No amount of pausing or FF/RW helped, I was forced to give up. Entire program missed.

Is this a known issue or could it be something with my setup... What can I try?


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It could be that the TV doesn’t like the media. Try something else to see what happens. In my experience, recording anything via my LG TV results in incomplete recordings, so I gave up on it. By contrast, on my Sony and Panasonic TVs it works perfectly.

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