Nano very slow to switch on


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Anyone else experienced problems trying to switch their Nano on? I usually hold down play/pause then slide the lock on to avoid accidently turning it on at night. Trouble is that most mornings it can take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes to turn on (basically repeated button pressing).

And before you ask the battery is half charged at worse.

Thinking of getting it swapped, any thoughts?




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Mine's instantaneous. Before the stupid thing would go into sleep mode everytime I left it idle for more than I dunno 8 hours or so, not a problem per say but it was irratating putting it in the drawer over night then having to wait for the Apple logo to clear before I could do anything, sure it was only two seconds but I was used to my previous ipod just going straight back to where I left off when left overnight. Then I realised it I left it overnight with the hold switch off then it started up again instantly :), no sleep mode so it goes right back to previously playing.

Never mentions nothing about this in the inbox guide so I went onto and read the detailed .pdf file for the nano, guess what!, still no mention. So still don't know exactly how the pod has to be inactive for sleep mode, yet alone deep sleep mode.

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