name this movie for me...


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Hi folks.

Im having difficulty remembering a movie I saw a long time ago on tv, maybe 20 years or so.

It was about a WW2 bomber that had crashed in the desert and the crew that had survived. They're there for ages until they start dissappearing one by one.

Turns out they're all dead and are ghosts and what is happening they're ghosts are being laid to rest as their bodies are discovered.

Its not a horror movie (from what i remember) but a drama.

Any ideas folks? its really bugging me now.


I remember a film or should I say a TV movie, very similar (probably the same one) to it were a bombing crew were trying to get a plane back together in the desert and were failing and like your it turned out the were dead and really ghost. I thought Lou Antonio was in it but looking it up I cannot find anything like it in his film list.

There were a couple of similar story in the Twighlight Zone.


Originally posted by KW1816

An absolute classic made for TV movie

Sole Survivor

Top film :smashin: :smashin:


Are you thinking of Flight of the Phoenix ?Another worthy film !


I was thinking of the right film if you look at the cast of Sole Survivor you see Lou Antonio was in it, but Sole Survivor is not credited under his name.


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Wasn't "Ice Cold In Alex" along similar lines ?


Originally posted by JohnG
Wasn't "Ice Cold In Alex" along similar lines ?
No that was John Mills, Harry Andrew, Sylvia Sims and Anthony Quayle crossing the desert in an ambulance during WWII, and one of them is not what he appears to be.

Oh and no ghost.:D


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thanks for the input.

Its definitely not Flight of the Pheonix but could well be Sole Survivor. Definitely has the right ring to it.

I remember one crew member had jumped to safety and was leading the investigation to find the others.

At the end of the movie there was just one ghost left, as they never found his body and he was left all alone.


By the way I know Flight of the Phoenix was the one with them remodeling the plane to get it of and the bloke who designs it is really Spoiler
a model maker not a plane designer.

And the two Twilight episodes I was on about are And When the Sky Was Opened and The Arrival .

Family Guy

I remember Flight Of The phoenix was on one Saturday evening on BBC2 last summer - during the really hot spell in August. I remember sitting watching it and feeling just as hot as the actors onscreen...good movie.


Anybody remember a TV movie called Death Race (not 2000) about a downed plane and could not take off and was chases across the north African desert by a German a tank and crew, taken in WWII?


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Sounds vaguely familiar Garrett.

Another great 'stranded in the desert' film....

The one where they're pursued by the savage baboons.....

Sands of The Kalhari

Haven't seen this one for ages.


Yes that’s a good film, aren’t that downed right at the beginning by a plague of locust or is that an other desert film.
But I remember one of the characters going back to being like an animal.

Like you I haven’t seen that one in ages, yet Ice Clod in Alex seems to be shown nearly every six months it was only on last week although it is a good film.


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Any one seen the more recent (2003) Dead End?

Worth watching i think, another film with a similiar premise as mentioned above.


grease monkey

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Originally posted by Garrett
Anybody remember a TV movie called Death Race (not 2000) about a downed plane and could not take off and was chases across the north African desert by a German a tank and crew, taken in WWII?
Yes didn't Lloyd Bridges play the part of a German General who was in charge of the tank.


Hi, don't know if you have had an answer on this yet, but the film is 'sole survivor'. Never released on dvd but as it is public domain some people have transferred it onto dvd from vhs and are legally selling it on ebay.
Hope this helps

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