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Name of tv stand for panasonic quintrix sr acuity TX-32PD30? i need one !


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does anybody have the stand for this tv ? or know of the stand or make ?
all i know its made of glass and is snazzy i would really like one !

cheers thank you


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I'm guessing you mean the original Panasonic stand, as in this photo ?


As the TV was made around 2003/2004, then your chances of getting a new one are very slim I would have thought. Your best bet is probably going to be keeping an eye on eBay, but it's likely that they'll tend be sold complete with the TV itself !


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Hi Aaquib
I have one if you want it drop me a mail.I may not have it for long as I am in the process of selling it to a mate but could probably conmvince him to just take the 32" tv
Andy B

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