Name of the Rose R1 £5



About time this appeared on DVD.

Preorder from DVDSoon, due in July.
£9 @ CD-Wow so comparable with links/vouchers etc.. Depends if you're worried about French on the cover.

R2 "Special Edition" also due out in August, £15 pre-order @ Play.

Specs look similar so a no-brainer for me.


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Nice one.

Ordered one myself.

Rambo John J

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Originally posted by Markmw

R2 "Special Edition" also due out in August
the "official announcement" said it just had a trailer as the only extra... funny how they call that a special edition:confused:
Jean-Jaques Annaud (the director, if that's spelt right) usually gives some personal attention to his back catalogue titles though, so hopefully there'll be some decent bonus materials that earn that special edition tag. Mind you, I'll buy it regardless as the film's a corker:thumbsup:


A fiver :laugh:

Nicely spotted Mark, just ordered, superb film I just love Ron Perlman's character.


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