Name and Shame them......My True Story of a Terrible Service. Maybe you have had some grief also from a company

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Aug 23, 2020
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It started before we moved to this property Dec.2014 we can see that now. Previous owner was often using his French mobile to our landline inee the UK even though his landline contract was including free calls...He would say lightening strike again....bad line......he is out and about so on the mobile to us....We took over the contract that was our suggestion and he acted hesitant but and ok and would bill us if need be....We realised after moving in that the phone and internet were unreliable and soon had Orange or SFR ....the two largest here I believe...come out to us via the provider we had which was based in Guildford Surrey...UK Telecom a company designed particularly for the English Speaking expats...The engineer arrived and said he knew where the phone line comes into the house because he had visited several times before!
He disconnected a 2nd phone line to what was an office as he said that was the fault.
I guess we had little issues for a year and then we had a period of being cut off and a need to phone Uk Telecom several times.Always very pleasant and seemingly helpful.
We could not understand why if we lost the internet connection we also lost our phone line... soon found out we did not have a traditional phone line we had VOIP in other words everything was via the Skype, Messenger. So we also realised that we had to re-set the modem any time we got cut real problem except we spend so much of our time outside that we are not in a position to know when the internet/phone is cut...missed calls and sometimes important calls missed. It took us to the last bad cut off session and a change of their office staff to realise that the company runs on loads of make believes and out and out liesl This happened just a few weeks ago.
We spoke to the same woman every time.... Julie.....she started to get irritated with it was our fault the service had broken down...we had internet for a while but no phone use....So this last straw day I emailed her that we would request a traditional telephone line estimate from Orange/SFR. She wrote back and stated'' Quoted her email..
Unfortunately, our supplier SFR cannot find the issue regarding your issue with the UK ......(we could not phone out of France and then could not phone anybody at all)
I am afraid Orange does not reinstate the landline anymore as they want everyone to go VOIP service
You won't be able to have a landline anymore''.Quote''
Kindest regards,
UK Telecom Support
Julie Technical Support

28/29th September we had phoned SFR/Orange and they checked our line and was told it was still there and only had to be connected again....would take 2-3 weeks overall cost was 50 or 60 euros, our Monthly Fee of 38n Euros but only 20 euros for the first year...we where paying that other excuse for a business over 40 Euros each month with the traditional Phone Line. The stress was horrible and so unnecessary and why the lies.....I got two emails after I gave notice of cancellation (its normally a months notice required)

1st one.....Following our telephone conversation, I am glad to say that your phone is working.
kindest regards,
WHAT...we had no phone connection and internet was more off than on...We had spoken to nobody..we could no obviouslyt with no phone.....

1st October 2nd email from Uk Telecom.
We are sorry to hear you are leaving us. As a commercial gesture, we will waive the month notice and terminate the service from today.
then the email just went on about returning the rented modem and a list of the equipment with a fine of 8 euros for each missing item and if not received a charge of 100 euros...So we sent it back recorded and worth the cost to secure a safe delivery. I replied by our only option...asking for more time and she gave us 1 week and cut us off on the morning of the 9th October.

We did have to wait 2+weeks to receive the new modem from SFR but knew how to install the modem blindfolded now and the phone connected a few minutes after that We could not keep our phone number though because of the UK not being in the EU they could not exchange information our area is 0549 but we are now 0517...strange but true...there is another story with the new suppliers.......down to a member of their staff actually...worth writing about but I am waiting the outcome still now your relieved or pleased that this is the end of the story....phew
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