Nakamichi IA-3


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Hi guys! this is my first post and cant believe its took me so long to join!

I thought id start off with my setup - I have a Nakamichi IA-3 amp, B&W 603's S3's and a marantz CD6000OSE KI signiture.

Now i only know that Nakamichi create awesome car stereos and the soundspace gear is supposed to be good lifestyle systems and of course the old tape decks. but I didnt know they made seperates until i bought this off eBay!

What I'm after is if anyone else on here has heard / owns one of these Amps? I been looking all over the internet and cant find much information on this amp. Id like to know its specs ideally - theres no mention of them on the actual amp. Where could I get a user manual?

Your help much appreciated!!



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